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The common symptoms of Hepatitis C

How soon after infection can appear the first signs of hepatitis C ?
Latent (incubation) period for hepatitis C is about 50 days (from 20 to 140 days). The symptoms of hepatitis C may not occur never. Any evidence of infection can be detected only when the hepatitis (HCV) switches to cirrhosis.
Common symptoms of hepatitis C.
In general, hepatitis C - an asymptomatic disease, often diagnosed accidentally, when people are tested for other diseases. Therefore, for early diagnosis are important blood analysis.
The common hepatitis C symptoms are: asthenia, weakness and fatigue, but all these symptoms are non-specific (one of them may not necessarily mean that the person has hepatitis C).
During the liver cirrhosis may appear icterus, ascites, vascular asterisks and weakness.

What diseases can have the same symptoms as (HCV)?
Any chronic infection and intoxication may be followed by asthenic syndrome, weakness and fatigue.

What are the first signs, that can help you identify hepatitis C?
Acute hepatitis C is rarely diagnosed and most often diagnosed incidentally. It is characterized by relatively high activity of the liver transaminases (often ALT is increased in 10 times or more) and the absence of clinical symptoms (the patient's complaints, or any external signs of the disease).
Other symptoms of acute hepatitis C infection are: intoxication, lack of appetite, weakness, nausea, sometimes - pain in the joints. Then may appear icterus, with the emergence of which decreases the activity of transaminases, is possible the enlargement of the liver and spleen (hepatosplenomegaly).
In general, increased transaminases level and intoxication are less pronounced than for hepatitis A and B.

How soon after infection analysis become positive?
The antibodies (anti-HCV) are found in 70% of the patients after the first symptoms of the disease, and in 90% of cases - within three months. But the difficulty is that symptoms may not be manifested at all.
The virus RNA in the human blood (more detailed analysis of the PCR method) can be detected within 1-2 weeks after infection.
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Наш форум » Все разделы » Трёп, просто трёп обо всём и ни о чём » Buy Generic Sovaldi online br6h
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